Employee Experience Summit 2018

“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees,
they will take care of the clients.”
- Richard Branson

The cost of employee disengagement is estimated to be at $70 billion annually.

Turnover continues to plague organisations in Australia and across the globe as the workforce grows in confidence and the job market becomes increasingly competitive.

That’s not all, employee engagement and experience is critical to the long term success and growth of a business. Employee experience is reflective on customer experience which in turn impacts the bottom line.

With this in mind, the Employee Experience Summit is being developed to build engagement, reduce turnover, attract talent and improve productivity. The Employee Experience Summit will focus on creating great end-to-end employee experiences.

Topics being discussed:

  • Creating a consistent employee experience across different regional offices
  • Building an inclusive organisation that promotes team work
  • Translating your brand of employee experience across different cultures
  • Getting mid-manager buy-in and engagement
  • Leveraging data and analytics to uncover the science behind employee experience
  • Preserving a small business/start-up feel in a growing company
  • Empowering individuals to do the best for the organisation
  • Understanding the link between high performance and employee journeys
  • Performance and succession planning to empower individuals and reduce turnover

Take a look at the full program to find out more about the speakers, sessions and interactive workshops associated with the event.

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Who Will You Meet?

Directors, Managers, Heads of

  •  Chief People Officer
  •  Employee Experience
  •  Staff Experience
  •  People and Culture
  •  Talent Management
  •  Human Resources
  •  Workplace

From the following industries:

  •  Banking & Financial Services
  •  Retail & FMCG
  •  Telecommunication
  •  Education
  •  Government
  •  Construction & Engineering
  •  Utilities


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